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Let's speak sustainable construction

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Project overview

In response to the need for more sustainable construction, new concepts, phrases, terms and expressions are being used in the construction industry across Europe. These concepts are aimed at improving the environmental, social and economic impact of the industry and its outputs. From Air Source Heat Pumps to Net Zero Carbon Buildings; from Whole Life Costing to Photovoltaic Electricity; from Recycled Resources to Passive House; it is important that the industry reaches a common understanding of these terms – to speak a common language for sustainable construction - in order to provide a base for harmonised development in the future.

Project Aim

The European Concrete Platform working together with the Architects Council of Europe believed it valuable to gather together these terms and establish a ‘working’ glossary of the concepts currently in use in a concise, easily accessible form. This can then be used to disseminate information about sustainable construction more widely across the industry. The glossary is designed to provide ready access - with guidance on:

  • A definition
  • Its relevance to sustainable construction
  • Where examples can be found (peferably with links to websites)
  • Where more detailed information can be found (peferably with links to websites)

It is divided into sections based on the construction process – from concept, through design and construction to facilities management; and includes groupings around energy efficiency in buildings and systems.



Multilingual PDFs of the wiki are also available for download:

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English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

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English, Greek, Maltese and Slovenian

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English, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian

Guidance on Wiki usage

Using a Wiki format creates a collaborative website on which to place our current working knowledge and provide easy access to users and contributors to maintain and update the contents. Anyone with internet access can read, copy and use the material under the Creative Commons license described hereunder. Identified contributors can also write and make changes to the content.


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